Louvière Grand Cru Le Mesnil

Louvière Grand Cru Le Mesnil

750ml 2007

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"You’d think the debut of Gonet-Médeville’s 2007 Grand Cru ‘Louvière’ would be met with deafening fanfare and critical acclaim. Instead, just 60 bottles were quietly ushered into America, making this one of the year’s greatest, rarest, and most clandestine Champagnes." - Mark Osburn, Sommelier & Champagne Specialist ---- "What made me want to make Champagne was wines from '29, '45, '55, '59, '61, '64 - I want to make wines like that", says Xavier. You need have no fear of cellaring these wines to see how they evolve, however delicious they are now. ---- Louvière is very crispy, intense, crystalline and pure, definitively a great Champagne for aperitif while Champ d'Alouette is much more powerful, complex and gastronomic. Dosage: 2g/l Time on lees: 11 years (disgorged in 2019)


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