CONSIGN OR Sell A Wine Collection

Mission Fine Wines will help you Sell Your Wine whether you are consigning your entire wine collection or just a valuable bottle or two.

  • How Selling Your Wine Collection Works: Mission Fine Wines will purchase well-cellared wines that have been maintained under proper storage conditions and show no signs of seepage or compromised corks. Labels should be in good condition but there is more leeway with label conditions with older vintages.

Photos: To sell your wine collection or single bottles, please email ( us a photo or photos of your wines. The photo should show the bottle standing up against a plain white background. We need to see the fill level of the bottle as well as the conditions of the label and capsule. 

Wine Storage Conditions & Provenance: We will need to know the exact storage conditions of the wine and as much information as you can provide about where the wine has been over the course of its lifetime.


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