H. Billiot Rose Brut Grand Cru

750ml NV

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100% Grand Cru, particularly satisfying Pinot Noir here. Fresh, bracing red-grape Champagnes with long, swollen midpalate flavors. Just 5 hectares in size, so availability is scarce! The vineyards are spread over 18 different mid-slope parcels in Ambonnay. The position of these vineyards are considered some of the best sites in Ambonnay and expressive of the classical character of this village. All his vineyards are grand cru and Serge Billiot says that the high degree of maturity from these sites doesn’t require malolactic. That makes them very frisky and reductive when they’re first disgorged, and occasionally a Billiot bottle will show a slightly metallic aroma for the first few minutes. That’s rare and nil if you hold the wines six months after disgorgement. Powerful and vinous, but also elegant and fine is the way that Laetitia Billiot describes the wines. Billiot does not filter his wines, fermentations take place in enameled stainless steel tanks. Billiot seems to want liveliness most of all, as he can presume upon lavish and deep fruit flavors. If you know the wines of Egly-Oriet (Billiot’s friend and neighbor) they couldn’t be more different. Egly pulls you down into its mealy-ripe depths; Billiot lifts you up on a billowing fountain of fruit. His wines have marvelous stamina and brightness. They’re hedonistic but not sloppy. Too firm and impeccable to be sloppy!


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