Chateau des Tours

750ml 2013

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Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc Reserve - Very poor, sandy soil. Forty hectares of vineyards, situated in the Vacqueyras area a few kilometers north of Sarrians, purchased by the Reynaud family in 1935. The old maison flanked on both sides by tall towers (hence Des Tours), Emmanuel took over this Château from his father Bernard (Jacques' brother) in 1989. The vineyards are tended with organic methods, manually plowed, harvested much later than other producers, and centered around a reverence for old vine Grenache. During vinification, each varietal of every vineyard fermented separately in oak casks, with assemblage taking place in enamel-lined tanks before bottling. Fermentation is allowed begin naturally with no inoculation of yeasts. -- Château des Tours has 50 hectares of vines all planted facing south within the appellation of Brouilly. There is a high proportion of old vines and the wine is vinified in the traditional Beaujolais manner Château des Tours has been making wine from the same vineyards since 1153 AD. The Richard family devotes its property entirely to making estate-bottled Brouilly cru.


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