Champagne Marc Hebrart Rose

750ml NV

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Not surprisingly, sleek, comely and digitally fruity, yet it shows its fruit on a high white wire, like some iridescent filament snaking through darkness. Sitting in the glass it starts to smell like those little pink cookies ("Biscuits de Reims") you see everywhere in the region. I’m always torn between feeling this is a smart wine that also wants to show you how sexy it is, or a sexy wine that wants you to know how smart it is. Yet of course, smart is sexy. I heard that from Noam Chomsky. Disg. 7/2016, we have 50% CH from Mareuil, vintage 2014 - then 43.5% PN from Mareuil, vintage 2012-13 - then 6.5% still PN from Mareuil vinified in neutral cask, vintage 2013. - Terry Theise


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